Feb 092014

Hector’s Forex Trend Collapse Strategy 

Every single trend, no matter how strong, eventually comes to an end.
Do you know what happens right afterwards? A capital-letter Collapse!

Watch this video…. He will teach you…

1) Why all trends eventually come to an end.
2) Why we usually see a counter-trend collapse swing at the end of every trend.
3) How to make profits from that final collapse swing!

Hector DeVille’s Awesome Trend Collapse Strategy

Hector DeVille's Trend Collapse Strategy

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Learn Hector's Trend Collapse Strategy!...See the video!

Feb 012014
FX Agency Advisor 3

Have dynamic “Support & Resistance” lines drawn on every Time Frame   “Custom Indicator”  Great little piece of software for Meta Trader 4.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t or don’t need to learn Price Action Reading, because “you should”  be able to draw your own lines but until you do, this will help draw them […]

Aug 032013
A Real Internet Business Anyone Can Do

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Oct 242012
Using The Online Ad Network

Unlimited Banner and Text Advertising The CTR’s Speak for Themselves  – $1 Trial for 2 weeks – then $19 Month                               Sales Page                        Sales Video Traffic to your blog and website Traffic to your affiliate offers Traffic to anything you are promoting online $1  Trial […]

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Jun 062012
What I Like About The Renegade Blog - Ideas

Recently I had the good fortune of coming across a really great resource A wealth of information, covering a wide variety of subjects and it has inspired me to come back and rebuild this blog…from the ground up. No fun task with tons of backlinks going out the window. Lots of excuses!  I don’t have time to do it!  Too busy doing stuff for […]