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Feb 092014

Hector’s Forex Trend Collapse Strategy 

Every single trend, no matter how strong, eventually comes to an end.
Do you know what happens right afterwards? A capital-letter Collapse!

Watch this video…. He will teach you…

1) Why all trends eventually come to an end.
2) Why we usually see a counter-trend collapse swing at the end of every trend.
3) How to make profits from that final collapse swing!

Hector DeVille’s Awesome Trend Collapse Strategy

Hector DeVille's Trend Collapse Strategy

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Learn to Profit from Hector's Trend Collapse Strategy!

Feb 012014

Have dynamic “Support & Resistance” lines drawn on every Time Frame


“Custom Indicator”  Great little piece of software for Meta Trader 4.  I’m not saying

you shouldn’t or don’t need to learn Price Action Reading, because “you should”  be

able to draw your own lines but until you do, this will help draw them for you.

You can always add to the chart any other significant lines of Support & Resistance

as you learn what they are and “just how to do it”

IMPORTANT: I can steer you in the one and only direction I know of to start learning that

and will be posting that very soon.  Best teacher on The Planet coming your way.

But…If you are brand new to trading, this is an excellent easy way to have the software

create them dynamically to help you get started.

You will also find guides you when you are in a good position to be….

Selling Resistance and Buying Support. Something you’ll need to learn in depth later on.

Includes When to Buy and when to Sell, which will help you set Stop Loss and your

Risk Management levels.  This is more of “positioning’ than exact entry points.

It can show Fibs on chart with a click, or have them show on ALL Charts if you wish.

Another very helpful feature is the Market Bias readings.  Very helpful numbers.

From a very reliable source:   RULE NO 1 in Forex.  You need Market BIAS

FX Agency Advisor3 on Clickbank

FX Agency Advisor 3 on MT4 Chart

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Learn to Profit from Hector's Trend Collapse Strategy!

Aug 032013


Dear Potential Business Owner:

If you are like me, you’ve searched the Internet over and wasted lots of time and money with “get rich quick” businesses that turned out to be schemes. I’ve always wanted to start my own business that was LEGITIMATE and HONEST (and not a “pie in the sky” fairy tale). Well, I did it! I’ve officially started my own home business as an affiliate with SFI (Strong Future International). Here are some of the reasons why I decided to go with SFI:

* Their parent company has been around since 1985.
* It’s free to get started.
* They’re in over 190 countries worldwide.
* You can do everything from home on your computer.
* 24-hour support.
* Free training and free Website.
* They’re growing rapidly and there’s lots of money to be made.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain here, including more time with your family and more money in your wallet. It’s well worth looking at SFI and investing in your future with us.

For more information, see  this amazing road map to a second monthly income  Cost nothing to join SFI.

I will show you show I got over 100 SIGN-UPS in 24 hours… just get a hold of me.
I’d be
happy to help you do this very quickly.  

Start making commissions right way.  Plus automatic membership into Triple Clicks….Penny Auctions.
Most amazing deals everyday, where most auctions save you 90% off retail.  Lots are at 99% off retail.

It’s called:  PRICE BENDERS for a reason.  Plus list your own products for FREE.

Here to help anyway I can.

Success through teamwork….works!

Skype me at:  baron.lbc

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Learn to Profit from Hector's Trend Collapse Strategy!

Oct 242012

Unlimited Banner and Text Advertising

The CTR’s Speak for Themselves  – $1 Trial for 2 weeks – then $19 Month
The Online Ad Network - Play Video

                              Sales Page                        Sales Video

  • Traffic to your blog and website
  • Traffic to your affiliate offers
  • Traffic to anything you are promoting online
  • $1  Trial for 2 weeks if you use Paypal to signup
  • $0 Trial for 2 weeks if you use Payza to signup
  • Start membership now $19 on your cc.
  • Run as many ads as you like. 1000’s of impressions
  • 100’s of clicks to your offers. 
  • Verifiable trackable traffic
  • Worldwide Network – track your clicks
  • TeamTOAN Private group – Shared Splash and Squeeze Pages
  • Get 1 Personal Referral and earn CASH BONUSES on all Levels
  • True Spill Over from Team

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Learn to Profit from Hector's Trend Collapse Strategy!

Aug 202012

The New NPN Marketing Machine…coming soon

Exciting times for the members of GlobalNPN.  We are gettting a truck load of new marketing missles by the end of the month.  Geoff presented a sneak peek the other day in a webinar and it’s simply amazing what all he has planned.  For someone that has only been there a very short while, it can seem a little over whelming but a wiseman said – spread out the workload, pace yourself, tackel one thing at a time and you’ll be just fine.  Know what?  I tend to believe him.

My first week I was building my list with Lead Skimmer and by Week 2 I signed up my first Director.  Can’t beat it.  How much can I make if I only sign up 1 a month?  $47,508 by the end of the year.  Thats not rockin it all at, thats only one a month and I think over there, anyone can do that.  This was from my first blast, not a very big one.

Anyway back to what we offer already as far as marketing tools, not counting the training, the support and the guidance nor the well oiled “Ad Co-op’s” that you can get into right from inside the system.  No I didn’t yet but I plan to.  With the ads already dialed in and they know “exactly” where to run’em…you can’t lose.  Geoff  runs that so you know it’s hot.

Current tools (this is only a partial list or I would be here all night)

  • Home of Lead Skimmer (use it FREE on it’s own or Get it FREE when coming in at Director Level)
  • Capture Page Creator   ( altho there are tons ready for you to promote now with TAG creator tool for tracking)
  • Leads Manager    (Lists your new Leads, activate them into the system, keep track of communications)
  • Website & Blog Hosting  ( right on NPN server.  Free account when coming in at Director Level)
  • To DO List – Task Manager
  • Autoresponders (single and multi-autoresponders or you can easily hook up Aweber if you like.  Or all 3.
  • Email Blasting Tools
  • Ad Tracking Tools
  • Capture Pages   ( Tons of affilate pages ready to go.   All tested and proven to convert)
  • Web Audio Tool.   (Easily create an audio file for your new pages)
  • Banner Rotators
  • Multi-Downline Builder   ( bring in your Primary Business Opp to promote using NPN system tools)
  • Entry Ads for when your Downline Logs in they see what else you may be offering.  Pretty sweet.
  • Entry Ads for Lead Skimmer system Login as well.
  • R.D.S. System  (a way to help your downline if they aren’t signing people up, you can put signups under them – this really helps with retention and the system will fill the weak spots so everybody on your team wins-Optional)
  • eCertificates  (Allows you to buy a SPOT in your Downline so you can let Leads try the system FREE for 30 days)
  • NPN Banners  (banner rotators mentioned above- you can bring in any banner you like as well)
  • Email & Solo Ads    (these are very well written and trust me…they work cause thats what I used my first run)
  • No way could I mention everything here, that is at your disposal inside The NPN Members area.
  • Free Ready Made Blog  ( will have sales funnel built right into it, loaded with or w/o NPN products with a click not to mention autoresponders already setup for the funnel.  CAN YOU DO THIS NOW folks?
  • Video eMailing  ( not what you think much better – I will give you a link to the webinar replay – see for yourself)
  • Video Capture Pages   ( ready to go or customizable with your own video – Have it your way with these)
  • Built In Screen Capture Tool ( use it however you like for those of you still living Life without Screensteps)

Here is a link to the recent webinar explaining all the new changes and there are more than these mentioned here.

Pre Launch Webinar Recording               GET OUR FREE REPORT            Sign Now To Lock in $10.75 Monthly

==============>Watch The 5 -5 -150 Video on Page 6 of The FREE Report<===============


Yep it’s going up a whole $4 but I heard you can LOCK IN the $10.75 before the changes come.

Hope this helps explain why you need to be where I am. 

Half Way Up 2  Leader Boards At GlobalNPN = in Under A Month

One I climbed myself , from what I learned in the members area….from Geoff’s training
and the other, from tricks I learned from my upline, Alex Moody at List Builders Central

            GlobalNPN Leader Board  Frank Mansell NO 7

Join Me &  I’ll show “You” exactly how I did it

We got work to do, ===> Go Here

Frank Mansell  =====================>

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Learn to Profit from Hector's Trend Collapse Strategy!

Aug 032012

If you use SAFELISTS to get leads, I will tell you RIGHT NOW that
this NEW site will multiply your leads by 3X starting today!

If you get 5 leads now… this will get you 15 leads!

If you get 12 leads now… this will get you 36 leads!

If you get 64 leads now.. this will get you 192 leads!

Why would you setting for what you can do now when you could be KILLING IT in lead generation like I am…

Go Here (it’s free): =>

EVERYONE is joining this, over 12,347 members so far, so it’s best if you grab this freebee before it’s too late:

Go Here:

See ya, gotta go get more leads..

- Frank Mansell

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Learn to Profit from Hector's Trend Collapse Strategy!

Jun 062012

The Renegade Blog System & Why I like it

Recently I had the good fortune of coming across a really great resource

A wealth of information, covering a wide variety of subjects and it has inspired me to come
back and rebuild this blog…from the ground up.
No fun task with tons of backlinks going out the window.

Lots of excuses!  I don’t have time to do it!  Too busy doing stuff for clients! … on and on, plus …
I’m not a writer but after reading some of the posts over there I realize I’m not alone in what to
write about sometimes.  It appears that this is a common problem for all Bloggers. 

Geez…I feel better already.

Next time you are cracking your head on the wall for ideas to create content, here are some ideas:

     11 Ideas to create blog content

  1. Make a list of the Top 10 blogs your frequent
  2. Talk to yoiur friends about ideas, the ones who blog reguarly
  3. Do a little Poll on your blog.  Ask your readers for ideas.
  4. Do an interview with someone.  Transcribe it to text  (some of it anyway)
  5. Use a Guest Writer
  6. Do a Best Case Study – Someone you  like and admire. What they are doing right.
  7. Do a Worst Case Study – Someone your not so fond of (careful don’t bad mouth) Disasterous results
  8. Review a product or service.  Recommend or not.
  9. Share your successes
  10. Share your failures
  11. Rewrite some of your past posts that where the most successful.  Highlighting comments, etc

       If you landed here, are new to blogging and looking for ideas, I hope this was helpful.

                                         For some more ideas…The Renegade Blog

                                            22 Ways to Create Compelling Content





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Learn to Profit from Hector's Trend Collapse Strategy!

Jun 302011


One that –
– Automatically create accounts and pen names for hundreds of article directories.
– Allows you to self-add unlimited number of article directories that uses script such as ArticleMS,
ArticleFriendly, ArticleDashboard, ArticleBeach and WordPress.
– Automated Account Activation by verifying your emails for you.
– Article Status Checker to find out if your submitted articles are published.
– Scheduler to schedule your account creation, pen name creation, article submission tasks.
– Article Spinning And Rewriter using spinning syntax in the form of { | } to create thousands of unique
versions of your articles.
– Mass Replace Synonyms to instantly create spin syntax to all words/phrase found with synonyms.
– Niche Synonyms classification to group your synonyms into different set of niches.
– Synonyms Harvester to build your personal powerful synonyms database using your existing spun
– Accurate Category selection.
– Preview capability on how your spun article will look like as you rewrite.
– Project management for your multi-niche needs.
– Comes with Visual Aid services for 100% unmanned submission.
– Anti-bot to simulate human-like submission behavior.
– Multi-threading for faster submission.
– Proxy rotation support.

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Learn to Profit from Hector's Trend Collapse Strategy!