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Sep 232009

Facebook for Business

What Exactly is Facebook?

  • Almost everyone knows that Facebook is an online social network – the place where you can hang out with  friends and family via your computer.People on Facebook post links to home videos,
  • It is also the most powerful networking and sales tool online today with over 200 million people accessing Facebook every hour…
  • It means that people have been enabled and encouraged to be addicted to Facebook 24/7 ..
  • You see, social networking is all about the conversation and connection.

    Why Facebook is Important for an Online Business

  • Taking that into consideration, it’s easy to see why, if your business is not on Facebook, you could be missing a major chunk of your potential buying market.
  • Facebook has taken over from television in supplying social proof today.
  • It allows you to be the expert and leap into social prominence with accelerated speed

           The following reasons may get your attention

    • Making the most of Facebook’s incredible social power
    • Allowing potential customers and list members to find you
    • Helping you brand yourself and/or your business


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Sep 232009

Hey Gang
I apologize for removing the comment on this post. Too many and too many that are clearly just looking for a backlink.  Thats not going to work.  I responded to several but couldn’t keep up and then it became abuse.  Something I’m not with.

In truth I kinda lost track of things for a while busy doing other things and not keep this blog update.  Hopefully that all going to change now as I’m done with getting side tracked building websites.  Actually had to turn some away.

There are getting to be so many social media sites, it’s hard to keep up.  Then when you start doing social media for clients it really gets crazy.  Atleast with Twitter you have a half a chance to keep things rolling with this Tweet Adder software.

No that doesn’t mean you stop doing maneul posts, pix and videos but at least you are populating the twitter updates with good stuff for your clients.  Do abuse it just use it.  I do like the new Twitter and these guys that put this out keep it up to date all the time other wise you wouldn’t be able to even login.  Lots of apps are knocked out  the game  because of the changes made by Twitter redsign.  This app no loner used but they provide resources.  Twitter has their own but I use Google  Twitter is fine with that.  This app has api stuff to make it really easy.  Built right into the system.

See Bottom pic.  Also does MP3

It’s the best damn twitter software out there. The new version is amazing. Truly an all in one tool with the new ReTweet and RSS feed function.
First it does a search and finds you accounts to follow by whatever keyword you type in.
Follows them back when they start following you
Sends them a Thank you
Sends Messages while you sleep if you want it to
Being able to post tweets to your followers while your busy doing other things.
Help you write a load of unique Tweets with just a few minutes work.
Will search and find your friends accounts when they tweet about their favorite subject (that you already know) and gives them a RT.
Allows you to tweets RSS feeds on your favorite subject or website keeping your followers up to date with the lastest news.
Like Election News, if you care about stuff like that.

See…thats what I’m talking about.

Tweet Adder 3.0

Tweet Adder 3.0

Tweet Adder 3.0

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Sep 232009

StationPro is a premium WordPress theme from PageLines with full CMS capability (great for websites, blogs or both). It is easy to setup, well documented, and customizable.

StationPro has some really cool features. It allows you to choose and match the background color, links and sub navigation on individual pages, it includes several page templates including a cycling feature page and a media highlight page, 6 different widget-ready sidebars, professional web design, custom header image & icons, excerpt options, layout options and more…

Professional Features in StationPro Include…

  • Awesome page color options
  • A feature page templates with cycling & navigation
  • Theme options for everything, including setting up features, and a guide
  • Excerpt only option for front page posts
  • Twitter feed to your site
  • Support for Ad tracking, sidebar photos (Flickr), post navigation, & adding thumbs to posts
  • Tons of theme options for images, social media icons, twitter and more
  • Enhanced Professional Graphics and Support
  • Custom Image Support (Header, Favicon & Apple Touch)
  • Full Browser Compatibility IE 6-7-8, FireFox, Safari, Chrome
  • Support for Threaded Comments and Comments on Pages

Buy Now $75 – Buy StationPro now with PayPal and get it instantly via email

PageLines CMS WordPress Themes

Requirements: WordPress 2.7 and up, PHP Version 5 and up.

Although we have thoroughly tested this theme, please let us know if you have any issues and we help you fix them.
If you have any problems regarding purchase please contact us and let us know.

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Sep 232009
Big Heart SEO Cruise

SEO PowerSuite launches Big Heart WWW Cruise

Big Heart is travelling from webpage to webpage and lets anyone get a 60% discount on state-of-the art SEO software.

This is the best chance to get the world-standard SEO software at a special Christmas price — and help your business enter a prosperous New Year.

Check the rules, join the cruise and claim your Christmas offer!

Enough said!  Check out the videos and make up your own mind.  I can

tell you SEO Power Suite is an awesome set of applications that make doing

SEO a breeze even if you know nothing  starting out.  I’ve been doing SEO for

about 5  years, have many No 1 spots for a few select clients but still  love the

way I can build backlink directories with Link Assistant.  Find out who my

clients competitors are linking to, go after the juicy ones and waatch the ups

and downs of ranking with the click of a mouse.  Thats not to mention, I get

the complete readouts for page content and know exactly what adjustments

to make.

If you have the top version you can pull complete reports and publish them

for your clients or send them as PDF’s.  They love seeing their stuff in reports.

SEO Big Heart

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