Sep 232009

Facebook for Business

What Exactly is Facebook?

  • Almost everyone knows that Facebook is an online social network – the place where you can hang out with  friends and family via your computer.People on Facebook post links to home videos,
  • It is also the most powerful networking and sales tool online today with over 200 million people accessing Facebook every hour…
  • It means that people have been enabled and encouraged to be addicted to Facebook 24/7 ..
  • You see, social networking is all about the conversation and connection.

    Why Facebook is Important for an Online Business

  • Taking that into consideration, it’s easy to see why, if your business is not on Facebook, you could be missing a major chunk of your potential buying market.
  • Facebook has taken over from television in supplying social proof today.
  • It allows you to be the expert and leap into social prominence with accelerated speed

           The following reasons may get your attention

    • Making the most of Facebook’s incredible social power
    • Allowing potential customers and list members to find you
    • Helping you brand yourself and/or your business


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