Feb 092014

Hector’s Forex Trend Collapse Strategy 

Every single trend, no matter how strong, eventually comes to an end.
Do you know what happens right afterwards? A capital-letter Collapse!

Watch this video…. He will teach you…

1) Why all trends eventually come to an end.
2) Why we usually see a counter-trend collapse swing at the end of every trend.
3) How to make profits from that final collapse swing!

Hector DeVille’s Awesome Trend Collapse Strategy

Hector DeVille's Trend Collapse Strategy

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Learn Hector's Trend Collapse Strategy!...See the video!

Feb 012014

Have dynamic “Support & Resistance” lines drawn on every Time Frame


“Custom Indicator”  Great little piece of software for Meta Trader 4.  I’m not saying

you shouldn’t or don’t need to learn Price Action Reading, because “you should”  be

able to draw your own lines but until you do, this will help draw them for you.

You can always add to the chart any other significant lines of Support & Resistance

as you learn what they are and “just how to do it”

IMPORTANT: I can steer you in the one and only direction I know of to start learning that

and will be posting that very soon.  Best teacher on The Planet coming your way.

But…If you are brand new to trading, this is an excellent easy way to have the software

create them dynamically to help you get started.

You will also find guides you when you are in a good position to be….

Selling Resistance and Buying Support. Something you’ll need to learn in depth later on.

Includes When to Buy and when to Sell, which will help you set Stop Loss and your

Risk Management levels.  This is more of “positioning’ than exact entry points.

It can show Fibs on chart with a click, or have them show on ALL Charts if you wish.

Another very helpful feature is the Market Bias readings.  Very helpful numbers.

From a very reliable source:   RULE NO 1 in Forex.  You need Market BIAS

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FX Agency Advisor 3 on MT4 Chart

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Learn Hector's Trend Collapse Strategy!...See the video!