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Hey Gang
I apologize for removing the comment on this post. Too many and too many that are clearly just looking for a backlink.  Thats not going to work.  I responded to several but couldn’t keep up and then it became abuse.  Something I’m not with.

In truth I kinda lost track of things for a while busy doing other things and not keep this blog update.  Hopefully that all going to change now as I’m done with getting side tracked building websites.  Actually had to turn some away.

There are getting to be so many social media sites, it’s hard to keep up.  Then when you start doing social media for clients it really gets crazy.  Atleast with Twitter you have a half a chance to keep things rolling with this Tweet Adder software.

No that doesn’t mean you stop doing maneul posts, pix and videos but at least you are populating the twitter updates with good stuff for your clients.  Do abuse it just use it.  I do like the new Twitter and these guys that put this out keep it up to date all the time other wise you wouldn’t be able to even login.  Lots of apps are knocked out  the game  because of the changes made by Twitter redsign.  This app no loner used but they provide resources.  Twitter has their own but I use Google  Twitter is fine with that.  This app has api stuff to make it really easy.  Built right into the system.

See Bottom pic.  Also does MP3

It’s the best damn twitter software out there. The new version is amazing. Truly an all in one tool with the new ReTweet and RSS feed function.
First it does a search and finds you accounts to follow by whatever keyword you type in.
Follows them back when they start following you
Sends them a Thank you
Sends Messages while you sleep if you want it to
Being able to post tweets to your followers while your busy doing other things.
Help you write a load of unique Tweets with just a few minutes work.
Will search and find your friends accounts when they tweet about their favorite subject (that you already know) and gives them a RT.
Allows you to tweets RSS feeds on your favorite subject or website keeping your followers up to date with the lastest news.
Like Election News, if you care about stuff like that.

See…thats what I’m talking about.

Tweet Adder 3.0

Tweet Adder 3.0

Tweet Adder 3.0

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