Jun 062012

The Renegade Blog System & Why I like it

Recently I had the good fortune of coming across a really great resource

A wealth of information, covering a wide variety of subjects and it has inspired me to come
back and rebuild this blog…from the ground up.
No fun task with tons of backlinks going out the window.

Lots of excuses!  I don’t have time to do it!  Too busy doing stuff for clients! … on and on, plus …
I’m not a writer but after reading some of the posts over there I realize I’m not alone in what to
write about sometimes.  It appears that this is a common problem for all Bloggers. 

Geez…I feel better already.

Next time you are cracking your head on the wall for ideas to create content, here are some ideas:

     11 Ideas to create blog content

  1. Make a list of the Top 10 blogs your frequent
  2. Talk to yoiur friends about ideas, the ones who blog reguarly
  3. Do a little Poll on your blog.  Ask your readers for ideas.
  4. Do an interview with someone.  Transcribe it to text  (some of it anyway)
  5. Use a Guest Writer
  6. Do a Best Case Study – Someone you  like and admire. What they are doing right.
  7. Do a Worst Case Study – Someone your not so fond of (careful don’t bad mouth) Disasterous results
  8. Review a product or service.  Recommend or not.
  9. Share your successes
  10. Share your failures
  11. Rewrite some of your past posts that where the most successful.  Highlighting comments, etc

       If you landed here, are new to blogging and looking for ideas, I hope this was helpful.

                                         For some more ideas…The Renegade Blog

                                            22 Ways to Create Compelling Content





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