Aug 202012

The New NPN Marketing Machine…coming soon

Exciting times for the members of GlobalNPN.  We are gettting a truck load of new marketing missles by the end of the month.  Geoff presented a sneak peek the other day in a webinar and it’s simply amazing what all he has planned.  For someone that has only been there a very short while, it can seem a little over whelming but a wiseman said – spread out the workload, pace yourself, tackel one thing at a time and you’ll be just fine.  Know what?  I tend to believe him.

My first week I was building my list with Lead Skimmer and by Week 2 I signed up my first Director.  Can’t beat it.  How much can I make if I only sign up 1 a month?  $47,508 by the end of the year.  Thats not rockin it all at, thats only one a month and I think over there, anyone can do that.  This was from my first blast, not a very big one.

Anyway back to what we offer already as far as marketing tools, not counting the training, the support and the guidance nor the well oiled “Ad Co-op’s” that you can get into right from inside the system.  No I didn’t yet but I plan to.  With the ads already dialed in and they know “exactly” where to run’em…you can’t lose.  Geoff  runs that so you know it’s hot.

Current tools (this is only a partial list or I would be here all night)

  • Home of Lead Skimmer (use it FREE on it’s own or Get it FREE when coming in at Director Level)
  • Capture Page Creator   ( altho there are tons ready for you to promote now with TAG creator tool for tracking)
  • Leads Manager    (Lists your new Leads, activate them into the system, keep track of communications)
  • Website & Blog Hosting  ( right on NPN server.  Free account when coming in at Director Level)
  • To DO List – Task Manager
  • Autoresponders (single and multi-autoresponders or you can easily hook up Aweber if you like.  Or all 3.
  • Email Blasting Tools
  • Ad Tracking Tools
  • Capture Pages   ( Tons of affilate pages ready to go.   All tested and proven to convert)
  • Web Audio Tool.   (Easily create an audio file for your new pages)
  • Banner Rotators
  • Multi-Downline Builder   ( bring in your Primary Business Opp to promote using NPN system tools)
  • Entry Ads for when your Downline Logs in they see what else you may be offering.  Pretty sweet.
  • Entry Ads for Lead Skimmer system Login as well.
  • R.D.S. System  (a way to help your downline if they aren’t signing people up, you can put signups under them – this really helps with retention and the system will fill the weak spots so everybody on your team wins-Optional)
  • eCertificates  (Allows you to buy a SPOT in your Downline so you can let Leads try the system FREE for 30 days)
  • NPN Banners  (banner rotators mentioned above- you can bring in any banner you like as well)
  • Email & Solo Ads    (these are very well written and trust me…they work cause thats what I used my first run)
  • No way could I mention everything here, that is at your disposal inside The NPN Members area.
  • Free Ready Made Blog  ( will have sales funnel built right into it, loaded with or w/o NPN products with a click not to mention autoresponders already setup for the funnel.  CAN YOU DO THIS NOW folks?
  • Video eMailing  ( not what you think much better – I will give you a link to the webinar replay – see for yourself)
  • Video Capture Pages   ( ready to go or customizable with your own video – Have it your way with these)
  • Built In Screen Capture Tool ( use it however you like for those of you still living Life without Screensteps)

Here is a link to the recent webinar explaining all the new changes and there are more than these mentioned here.

Pre Launch Webinar Recording               GET OUR FREE REPORT            Sign Now To Lock in $10.75 Monthly

==============>Watch The 5 -5 -150 Video on Page 6 of The FREE Report<===============


Yep it’s going up a whole $4 but I heard you can LOCK IN the $10.75 before the changes come.

Hope this helps explain why you need to be where I am. 

Half Way Up 2  Leader Boards At GlobalNPN = in Under A Month

One I climbed myself , from what I learned in the members area….from Geoff’s training
and the other, from tricks I learned from my upline, Alex Moody at List Builders Central

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